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Ernesto Carbonelli

Fallen Heroes, Forgotten Victims - Supino 1944

- - 2005

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From the back cover:
When all seemed to have come back to normal, the unthinkable happened. It was the beginning of June 1944. The war in Italy was drawing to a close, but something went terribly wrong. Why did Supinese women lay fresh flowers daily on the five German graves in the town cemetery? Now that they have all passed on, all that is left for posterity is a few lines in a priest's diary and this book.

Ernesto Carbonelli's Fallen Heroes, Forgotten Victims (Cusmano 2005) is a tribute, long overdue, to the memory of defenseless men and women from the towns of Patrica, Sgurgola, Morolo and particularly Supino, for the horrendous suffering inflicted upon them following the Italian Armistice.

For more information: ecarbo@supino.ca or(416) 275 8329 (Canada).
To order the book: http://www.supino.ca/giftshop.html

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