Data: 17-08-2003Autore: ROBERTO MOLLEListe: ARTICLES IN ENGLISHCategorie: I luoghiTag: #today, roccasecca, schemi-schizzi-iscrizioni


Soldiers who for several months stayed in the front of Cassino or only passed through it, left some signs of their passage, these signs are still extant and we fortunately still find them.

In Roccasecca, a town near the place where there was the headquarters of General Frido Von Senger und Utterling (lasted till January 1944), there is an ancient house in which we have found a lot of inscriptions and drawings.

The German Soldiers, in particular paratroopers, and then allied soldiers, in particular Scottish soldier from the "Argyll and Sutherland Highlander" have left on the walls of this building a witnessing of their presence.

There are different kinds of inscriptions: names and surnames, symbols of the own army, cartoons, bad sentences andressed to the enemy, portraits and landscapes, surely they chose a type of subject depending of he time they have.

We have taken a lot of photos but unfortunately, because of the small measures of the drawings and their bad conditiones, it's not possible to apprecciate thei beauty from pictures.

Anyway you can find some drawings in the following photos, we have chosen the clearer and the more interesting ones.

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